Sport Policy

The Accidental Leader: Why Sport Organizations Need to Pay Attention to a Growing Gap

Carleton business professor Linda Druxbury researches and writes about the pending shortage of a skilled workforce. She puts it quite clearly … with baby boomers set to retire large numbers over the next decade, organizations that are not prepared for the leadership gap, are doomed to fail. So imagine my interest in a slew of recent articles that urged the private sector to do more to solve skills crisis.

Does Your Organization Need a Social Media Policy?

The recent Olympic Games were the ‘Socialympics’ and, as our colleagues at arnoldi mcpherson illustrated in their excellent report, there were more than a handful of social media issues that sport organizations needed to address. Though National and Provincial Sport Organizations (NSOs and PSOs) and even local sport organizations generally will not face social media issues of that magnitude – certainly social media issues are not uncommon ‘fires’ that sport organizations regularly need to put out.

Discipline Decisions – To Disclose or Not to Disclose?

Should organizations make discipline decisions and sanctions public knowledge? We often act as a neutral third party to handle an organization’s internal disputes, such as appeals or discipline decisions. After a tribunal (either a single decision-maker or a panel of decision-makers) hears both sides and reaches a decision, the written decision is communicated to the parties (the individual and the organization, and any affected third party), a remedy may be enacted and sanctions, where ordered, are imposed, and the dispute ends. But does it? Who else gets to know what happened?

What policies does my sport organization need?

At the Sport Law & Strategy Group, we regularly receive requests from sport organizations asking for assistance writing policies. These are the policies, procedures, and rules that the organization’s sport leaders believe are necessary to govern the organization and its members. Over time, most National Sport Organizations (NSOs) and Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs), and even some local/regional sport organizations have built a working policy manual that is used and regularly reviewed by the organization.