Project Score

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
Dr. Leisha Strachan, Dr. Dany MacDonald, and Dr. Jean Côté
Publish Date: 
October 2010

PROJECT SCORE (Sport COnnect and REspect) is a program of 10 lessons designed to join a deliberate approach to youth development and sport participation. It was developed in October 2010 with the aim of being a resource for coaches and athletes alike for developing positive experiences in sport. Coaches who sign up are granted access to log into the site where there are additional resources available on each lesson for your pleasure.The 10 lessons are meant to be easily introduced and blended into any sport program:

Lesson #1 - Goal Setting
Lesson #2 - Team Connection
Lesson #3 - Building character – Respect
Lesson #4 - Building character – Fair play
Lesson #5 - Increasing Confidence – “Your Turn”
Lesson #6 - Increasing Confidence – Recognize!
Lesson #7 - Building competence – Training the Mind
Lesson #8 - Building competence – “Let‟s Train!”
Lesson #9 - Building competence – Sport for life
Lesson #10 - Parent connection